1. Estimating a Complex Positive semi-definite Matrix using Noisy Observations of its Entries

    \newcommand{\re}{\operatorname{Re}}\newcommand{\im}{\operatorname{Im}}\newcommand{\vec}{\operatorname{vec}} \newcommand{\mat}{\operatorname{mat}} First some notation:

    • Use \succeq 0 to mean matrix positive semi-definiteness.
    • Use \vec as the …
  2. Intuition for Mrs. Gerber's Lemma

    Mrs. Gerber's Lemma: X is a length-n binary word with arbitrary distribution and Y is a corruption of X through a binary symmetric channel with crossover probability p. If H(X) \geq nv then H(Y) \geq nh(v')

  3. Modifying a Plustek 8100 to Scan Medium Format

    The Plustek 8100 is a relatively cheap but good quality film scanner. It produces much nicer scans than most flatbed-type scanners, but it can only capture small format film. In this page I show how to modify a Plustek 8100 to scan medium format (120 film) by stitching together multiple …

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